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For more than a decade, she has been deploying her worlds on canvas: “I have long thought that painting came naturally to me, almost innately. Strange to think that my subjects, my compositions and their plastic arrangements may not be directly influenced by a lived experience "confides the artist Nolwenn Samson.
Stages saturated with impact, off-center chromies for wide eyes ... The Salonnaise painter gears up and downs of intrepid blondes, struggling with beautiful agitated bearded brunettes.

Characters whose moods oscillate between revolvers, motorcycles and well-tempered quotes, under the gaze of an amused domestic bestiary: “with a mother who taught dance and a father who had created a photo lab where I spent my days, I am found from childhood swept away by dense creative waves, between images, new music and ballet.”
Self-taught in every way, with the exception of a stint on the benches of a school of applied arts in Marseille where she will rub shoulders with the joys of illustration as well as graphics, Nolwenn Samson is now expressing herself in acrylics , inks, resins and markers. Naive, trash, angry and above all very feminine, his artistic impulses reveal themselves and are experienced on large, even very large formats that can reach 300x300 cm..

In progress and constantly moving, the work of Nolwenn Samson evokes Basquiat, Keith Haring, Warhol but also the best projections from street art or the cinematic rhythms of Tarantino and Kitano, direct influences of the painter. Seen on the rails of galleries and exhibition places based between Paris, Marseille and Miami, his paintings now enter the auction rooms.

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